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Our Commitment & Passion: Providing Good Working Sites.

We join with you to professionalize the entire clinical research process.

You – sponsors and CROs – are specialists in clinical research and pharmaceutical product development. Planning and evaluation of certification studies for pharmaceutical and medical products is based on your highly professionalized structures and are thus key to enabling medical progress. There is, however, one step that occurs during clinical trials where the degree of professionalization has not been sufficiently developed throughout Germany: Direct execution of clinical trials at clinics and doctors’ offices.

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Siteworks Sponsoren CR Os EN

Research sites are the binding link between the pharmaceutical research industry and study participants. Registered doctors, medical care centers and clinics are vital players in this function, but are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the challenges posed by the high complexity and growing regulatory requirements for study execution.

Our commitment and passion is to unite these perspectives, to create synergies and, at the bottom line, to generate high-quality data. Which is where you can rely on us.

Market flexibility – what we can expect:

  • Complex study designs and trial protocols
  • with a greater number of digital components
  • in rare and chronic diseases
  • which require long-term, close-meshed monitoring by medical specialists
  • as well as specific medical examinations and equipment.

We aspire to meet your requirements:

  • Swift trial preparations and patient recruitment
  • Timely data input and communication
  • Reliable compliance with our commitments
  • Consistent high quality based on stringent standards
  • Flexible application in diverse disciplines

We help registered physicians and clinics in our network to acquire the skills needed during the execution of clinical trials – focusing and specialized, alongside the standard care they provide in healthcare scenarios and with maximum execution quality. This is guaranteed on the basis of our comprehensive internal cross-site standards.

Good Network: Our Sites and Options

You are looking for reliable research sites for your clinical study? Please contact us – whether or not you find your clinical trial indication on the list.


SiteSettingStudies: Disciplines and Diseases
HannoverDedicated Research SiteInternal Medicine, General Medicine, Vaccine, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Psychiatry, Neurology, Sleep Medicine, Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Covid-19
HeidelbergDedicated Research SiteInternal Medicine, General Medicine, Vaccine, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Sleep Medicine, ENT, Allergology
LohnePracticeDermatology, Allergology, Phlebology, Laser Therapy, Cosmetics
SchleswigPracticePulmonology, Sleep Medicine
BochumPracticeInternal Medicine, General Medicine
FuldaMedical Supply CenterCardiology, Diabetology, Internal Medicine, General Medicine, Hypertensiology, HIV, Rheumatology, Vaccine, Covid-19
VölklingenClinicCardiology, Hypertensiology, Internal Medicine

More locations will follow, because our network is steadily expanding - we will find a solution for the requirements of your project!